Brockway hosts Emily Ann Thompson Saturday

Emily Ann Thompson comes to The Brockway Saturday 5/31 featuring Kelly Thompson with guitar and vocals.   With three albums under her belt available on iTunes, Emily is a gifted musician.  Driving beat, engaging songs – Emily & Kel at The Brockway Saturday 5/31 8pm+.

The Brockway Public House, Dublin-Industrial pub located at Old Meridian and West Carmel Drive.  317-669-8080

Brockway Pub to Launch Alexander Keith’s Lager in Indiana

For the first time in Indiana, The Brockway Pub, the country’s first Dublin Industrial Pub, has been selected to launch Alexander Keith Lager.  Tapping party Friday 4/29 5pm-7pm.  Also available in ice cold bottles at the Brockway Pub are Alexander Keith’s Pale Ale and Brown Ale.